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Is it cheaper to get a truck painted or wrapped?

Vehicle branding is a crucial part of marketing for those on the road. Depending on where the vehicle travels, this type of advertising can reach thousands of people in just a single day. It ensures the company name, logo, and business type are remembered.

Using commercial truck wraps is an easier alternative to painting for those in the trucking business. That is especially true if the design is complicated and unique, as the design can be prepared on decals beforehand. The question is, which one is cheaper?

What is the Difference Between Painted and Wrapped?

Painting a truck means applying layers of paint to create the desired design, with each layer taking around eight hours to dry. However, a truck wrap uses vinyl wrap to cover an area of the truck. That could mean using a full wrap or just a partial wrap, and custom decals can be used to create a unique image for a company’s design and logo.

The Cost of Getting a Truck Painted

The cost of getting a truck painted varies depending on the type of design, the number of layers, and the paint used. Generally, you can expect to pay between $5000 and $8000 for a quality paint job, which is a large setback if you are a small business. Plus, if you want a more intricate design, you could be paying upwards of $10,000.

When considering painting a truck, you also need to consider that paint is more permanent than commercial wraps. If you want to sell the vehicle or change the design, you will have to pay even more to remove the paint.

The Cost of Getting a Truck Wrapped

Whether truck wraps or car wraps, the cost of any vehicle wrapping depends on how much of the vehicle requires covering. For example, big rig wraps will likely cost more than wrapping semi trucks.

For a truck, a full wrap will usually cost around $5000 to $7000, with partial wraps costing significantly less. This expense is more affordable than a paint job for many truck drivers. The reason wrapping can be cheaper than painting is that the method is quicker, easier, and often uses fewer tools for the job.

Truck Wrapping is Generally Cheaper

When advertising on the side of a vehicle, wrapping is usually the better option, especially concerning the price. The vinyl used will last a long time, and if you need to change the design, you won’t need to pay nearly as much as you would with a painted truck. If your budget for truck advertising is around $2000 and you want a unique company design on the vehicle, your money is likely to go further when opting for truck wrapping. Truck signs are a great way to showcase your business to other drivers on the road. If you are looking for a cost-effective method that will last up to seven years and is easier to replace, truck wraps are the solution for you.