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The Do’s and Don'ts of Vehicle Branding

Whether your vehicle is being used for transporting goods, materials, or people, a company vehicle has become a necessity for most businesses. Along with its many other benefits, company vehicles are also great for advertising! A custom wrapped vehicle can take your brand to the next level!

Benefits of Vehicle Branding

Branding allows businesses to create a lasting impression in the eyes of both existing and potential customers. Other benefits of branding include:

  • Creating brand awareness to help people to better understand what your company is all about
  • Boosting visual identity
  • Creating awareness of your business’ product or service offerings
  • Communicating your brand message
  • Differentiating your business from the competition

You can use your company vehicles as a cost-effective way to do branding and market your business. Whether you dress your vehicle with tag lines, a large logo, or the images of marketing models, it’s important to communicate the most effective brand message.

The right brand message eliminates the possibility of confusing your target audience or turning off potential customers with overly dramatic marketing stunts. Car wraps and other vehicle wraps have powerful promotional effects.

When designing eye-catching logos or brand messages to stick on your vehicles, make sure they reflect your brand image and business goals. Here are a few do’s and don'ts to guide your vehicle marketing efforts:

The Do’s of Vehicle Branding

Determine the Specifications of Your Vehicle

Your company vehicle is the canvas for posting your advertisement graphics. Determine the specs of your vehicle or canvas before you even start designing your vehicle wraps.

Vehicle template files help design car wraps that are specific to your business needs. If you don’t have the templates, take photos of your vehicles from different angles. You should also take measurements of the body of your vehicles.

When doing this, take note of the rivets, curvature, door handles, and other distinct textural attributes of your vehicles. With these details, you will create visible, unobstructed vehicle graphic designs for promotional purposes.

Explore Available Options

Consider the many options available for vehicle mobile advertisement. Each option helps meet a specific business marketing objective.

You can place magnetic car signs on the flat surfaces of vehicles such as the door. They easily come off if you install them on angular or curved parts of your vehicle. You’ll find this option handy if you intend to use your personal car and would love to remove the marketing magnets when you want to go incognito.

Decals or car stickers give your company vehicle a personal touch and character. You can install the stickers on any flat surface of your vehicle including:

  • Windows
  • Trunks
  • Rear doors
  • Bumpers
  • Semi Trailers
  • Semi Trucks

Unlike magnets and car decals, vinyl vehicle wraps are the most expensive. Designed to last three to five years, vehicle wraps are a great choice if you want to engage in long-term business advertising. With wraps, you can customize your graphic designs to convert your company vehicle into a mobile billboard.

Communicate Your Business’s Brand Message Appropriately

Be clear about the business values and goals you want to convey through vehicle graphics. Signs can express your business character or personality, therefore, it’s important to convey your brand message properly, ensuring that customers can understand what your business is about at just a glance of your vehicle wraps.

The right vehicle graphics will display important information such as your business name, slogan or logo, and contact details. Make sure that your car wraps or other vehicle graphics differentiate your brand from the competition.

A good vehicle graphic highlights important aspects of your brand and what makes it stand out.

Let Your Graphics Be Visible from All Angles

People around your vehicle should be able to view your car graphics from the side, front, and even back. Use all angles of your vehicle to show off your brand. Plan your advertisement placement, ensuring that it complies with local and state laws.

Whereas some states allow businesses to stick decals on the windows of their cars, others only allow graphics that don’t obstruct your view. Some states also prohibit companies from installing decals on rails and bumpers.

Do your research well and understand local laws before you install your vehicle graphics. A professional installer of vehicle wraps can guide you because they understand laws governing use of vehicle graphics.

The Don'ts of Vehicle Branding

Don’t Create Unprofessional Designs

Create the right designs for your graphics, be it decals, magnets, or car wraps. Use proper eye-catching design elements that entice potential customers. Choose relevant images and remain professional when creating your brand message.

If possible, hire a professional photographer to capture high quality images to integrate in your graphics. Avoid poor quality images you’ve taken with your phone or those you’ve sourced from the internet.

Don’t Use Dull or Neutral Colors

Consumers view over 3,000 advertisements and promotional messages daily. Use the right colors to make your message stand out and be memorable.

Bold colors have a powerful effect in showcasing a unique, eye-catching design while making your brand stand out. Make sure that your vehicle wrap design features bright colors such as yellow, red, and green to make a brand statement.

The bolder and bigger your vehicle graphics, the better.

Don’t Overlook Important Details

If you forget to include important details, potential customers may not go after your brand. Give your audience a good idea of your brand and the products or services it offers. Use consistent fonts, the same business logo, and bold colors when designing your graphics for easy brand recognition. Your message should also be visible and easy to understand.

Don’t Use DIY Vehicle Branding

Although DIY car branding is possible, it may not produce the results you need to grow your business. Professionals have the equipment, software, and wrap printers necessary to produce high-quality car graphics.

Use reliable professional services to create the right signage that will attract customers, increase sales, and enhance your business. Apart from a large promotional impact, you’ll also avoid making costly mistakes.

Choose Total Truck Branding to Promote Your Illinois Business

If you keep these do’s and don'ts of vehicle branding in mind, you’ll be able to work with a company like Total Truck Branding to create effective vehicle wraps for your business. Contact us at (312) 380-6411 for the right vehicle wraps, magnets, or decals to create brand awareness in Illinois.