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The Importance of Brand Identity

One of the essential steps to creating a successful business is establishing an appealing brand identity. That doesn’t just mean designing a logo, although that’s important as well. It’s about building the image that you present to your customers. Everything can contribute to setting your business apart from the competition, from your business cards to your packaging to your employee’s uniforms.

Vehicle branding especially is one of the more important avenues of crafting an identity for your business. Many business models require company cars and trucks to provide services to people. With a custom vehicle wrap design, you transform the company’s vehicle into a cost-effective advertisement on wheels that starts potential customers on their journey through the sales funnel.

However, you don’t make a brand identity overnight. It’s a complex process, and any bump in the road can drastically set your business’s professional development back. Fortunately, we’ve provided a handy guide that gives you all the information you’ll need to know to ensure your brand succeeds.

What Is Brand Identity?

As a budding company, you might have settled on a few core values that you’d like your business to reflect. Brand identity is how you do that. Through color schemes, images, and products, you can reinforce what your business stands for in the customer’s mind without ever having to say it out loud.

There’s a reason more established businesses are so protective of their branding—it’s a crucial step in making their business a household name. If your brand identity develops correctly, customers will eventually be able to recognize your company’s handiwork through visual elements alone.

The Benefits of a Brand Identity

Of course, establishing a public identity for your business affords several vital benefits that will allow it to flourish. These benefits play a key role in the success of some of the biggest brands and can do the same for you if you implement your branding properly. We’ve listed some of the most notable advantages of a brand identity below.

Creates Distance Between You and Your Company

Distance may seem like a bad thing at first. Who wants to be separate from the business they’re trying to build? However, many entrepreneurs will advertise themselves as their business product or service and inadvertently become a public figure if they find success.

While that might work for some, others will want to focus their branding around the services they provide their customers rather than who they are—a well-developed brand identity can accommodate that.

Allows You to Better Connect With Your Customers

Unique brand identity makes you more memorable in the eyes of your customers, allowing them to identify your company and prioritize your services over competitors. Additionally, since a large part of your branding is determined by the values you want your company to represent, advertising those values can create an emotional connection between you and your company.

As long as you have exceptional customer service and a quality product, the customer will positively associate you and your branding.

Maintains a Consistent Tone

Having your business designed around a centralized theme based on your company’s core values is vital to communicating those values to the customer. Maintaining a consistent message across all marketing channels solidifies what your company stands for in the public eye and attracts potential customers who resonate with your stance.

Additionally, the more the clientele interacts with branding that remains consistent in its values and demonstrates them in everyday interactions, the more likely it is that those customers will return.

Helps You Stand Out From the Competition

No one remembers branding that looks just like everybody else’s or, worse, seems done by an amateur. A drab color scheme or basic tagline can easily lead to customers overlooking your business, even if your service or product is the best in the area.

People browsing for a particular service don’t have the longest attention spans. In most cases, you’ll have only seconds to leave a good impression on the customer, so make sure the design of your website or ads are professionally crafted to attract clients to you over the competition.

Vehicle Branding

As mentioned above, vehicle branding is one of the most effective methods of building a brand identity. It doesn’t take much to decorate a car with your logo, and it advertises to everyone around you no matter where you go.

It’s important to note that, while wraps and graphics on your vehicle can ably assist you in growing your business, it’s possible to advertise the wrong way and turn people off to your services. Vehicle branding comes with the same do’s and don’ts as other forms of branding. However, it also comes with its own considerations that you have to watch out for, for example:

  • Dimensions of the Vehicle - Before putting the full wrap on your company car, you must measure the exact dimensions of its exterior. You’ll be presenting your messaging to the whole world, and it reflects poorly on your business if part of your ad is cut off or wrinkled.
  • Multiple Options - Vehicle wraps are the most effective option for vehicle branding but also the most expensive. Before committing to one, you could also explore other forms of car decoration, such as custom decals or bumper stickers. Both are far cheaper to make but only advertise from one small angle.
  • Limited Space to Deliver Message - It’s crucial for vehicle branding to be seen in every direction while you’re driving to maximize exposure. However, you only have so much space to deliver a message, even less if you live in a state that prohibits putting anything onyour window.

Professional Vehicle Wraps

One of the essential steps to effective branding is never letting something that represents your company looks like an amateur did it. Here at Total Truck Branding, our team of design experts will craft a professional-grade wrap for your vehicle. As a result, we guarantee that your custom vehicle decal will help you build and maintain a compelling brand identity for your business.

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