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Vinyl vs Paint

For decades, people have loved to keep their vehicles looking new. In years past, this meant that they painted and put a clear coat on the vehicle to protect the color. This has always been a time consuming and rather expensive project. However, with technology advancing at a rapid pace, vehicle vinyl wraps have become the preferred method of enthusiasts looking to keep their vehicles pristine.

What is a vinyl wrap anyway?

In short, it is a highly conformable, self-adhesive film that can be printed on and installed on vehicles. Unlike painting, wrapping takes significantly less time and it is much more cost effective. Keep in mind that for painting, the old paint will need to be removed, the new paint will need at least 8 hours to dry and you will need to reapply multiple coats of paint. If done properly, the painting process can take between 1-3 weeks. For a vinyl wrap, depending on the size of the vehicle, the job can be completed between 1-3 days.

When comparing the costs, a good paint job will cost about $7k - $13k for a semi truck. A vinyl wrap with unlimited design possibilities runs between $3k - $6k. For owner operators and company vehicles, vinyl wraps are a no-brainer. Companies use this opportunity to design the vinyl wrap with graphics that advertise what the company offers or what it is about.

Another benefit of vinyl is that it can be removed without damaging the paint underneath. With this, the paint that was covered with the vinyl will have been protected from the weather elements and rock chips. Having the ability to remove vinyl without causing damage gives you the ability to change your vinyl design whenever you want, giving you unlimited possibilities when it comes to creativity. Large businesses prefer the vinyl wrap option for their fleet branding as it gives them a consistent fleet look with the ability to change it up whenever they want.

How about durability?

Vinyl wraps are a clear winner in this category as well. Paint is much higher-maintenance than vinyl. It will definitely wear out faster than vinyl and needs regular upkeep such as adding a protective coat of wax. With vinyl, the colors are protected by lamination, and your vehicle is protected by the vinyl wrap. Depending on the quality of paint, the paint job can last a few years or a lifetime. For vinyl, the film is guaranteed up to 10 years at times. Vinyl wrap films come in multiple finish options and endless possibilities when it comes to design:

  • Matte - smooth, soft
  • Satin - silky, buttery, smooth
  • Carbon Fiber
  • Brushed Metal - tough, elegant, innovative
  • Gloss - shines bright like a diamond

If you are interested in learning more about wrapping your vehicle please do not hesitate to contact us at 312-382-6411.